Texas Knifemakers Guild Regional Map and Regional Meetings

TKG Logo Regions Map

Attached please find the Texas Knifemakers Guild final regions map.  We voted to go with dividing the state into 3 regions.  It was proposed after the meeting to divide it like the Texas flag, brilliance.  This is what we ended up with.  Each region is responsible for designating 5 people from their region to be on the Board of Directors.  The 1st Board meeting is at the January 17th Houston Arms Collectors Gun Show.  Region 1 is responsibility for making accomodations for the meeting at the show.  There are 2 facebook groups that are region specific:  Texas Knifemakers Guild Region 1 and Texas Knifemakers Guild Region 2.  Someone from Region 3 needs to start a group for their region: Texas Knifemakers Guild Region 3.  Please join your respective group and participate in the voting of the Board of Directors members for your region.  We also voted that if you live near a boundary line, you can select the region you want to be in and if you are from out of state, you can select what region you want to be in.  Texas Knifemakers Guild Region 2 is to have an online discussion Sunday night at 9:30 p.m., 11/9/14.  I hope to get the voted on proposed bylaws sent out and posted to facebook tomorrow.  Also, I will do some sort of bullet points of the decisions.  Please get involved in your region.  Thanks.

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Texas Knifemakers Association Meeting at the Fort Worth Gun Show, October 25, 2014. Makers and Collectors are welcome.

Texas Knifemakers Association-page001

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Awesome Video Restoring Anvil!

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BladeSports International in Waxahachie, Texas

BladeSports International brought five of their competitors to Waxahachie, Texas on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  The event was hosted by Boyce Feed and Grain in historic downtown.  Mississippi custom knifemaker, Donovan Phillips led the cast of competitors. Donovan is sponsored by Spydeco and is a mainstay on the cutting competition circuit. Not only is Donovan the reigning National Champion, but he was the 2010-2012 overall points leader and National Champion.  Ted Ott of Elgin, Texas was also in attendance. Ted is sponsored by Benchmade and is a past world record holder in the 2×4 speed cut by cutting a 2×4 in half in 1.845 seconds.  Gary Bond also competed.  He is a lifelong resident of Waxahachie and was the World Champion in 2008.  Gary was the only World Champion to compete.  Custom knifemaker Dwight Schoneweis of Arlington competed, as well as a custom knifemaker from Mississippi.  Although I was late to the event and missed the competition, it was great to talk with all the competitors.  All five stayed around until 2:00 p.m. teaching locals the cuts and knife safety.  It was a great event for Waxahachie. Thanks for all those that participated.  (my bulldog “Fifi” made the group picture)

BladeSports20140927_122640  20140927_121522-EFFECTS 20140927_121544 20140927_121844

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Congratulations to all of the 2014 Winners of the Blade Show Awards in June!

The biggest and most prestigious knife show of the year occurs every June in Altlanta, Georgia. It is called The Blade Show. Each year at the show, Blade Magazine announces its winners for the year in 15 separate categories. These awards are extremely coveted by those in the knife industry. Below are the winners announced by Blade Magazine for 2014. More information about the awards and the winners can be found on Blade Magazine’s website.



Also, these winners will be the focus of an upcoming issue of Blade Magazine. Congratulations to all of the 2014 Blade Magazine Winners!

Publisher’s Award: Mark Zalesky (no photo)

Industry Achievement Award: Aldo and Edda Lorenzi (no photo)

2014 Accesory of the Year

2014 Kitchen Knife of the Year

2014 Investor-Collector Knife of the Year

2014 Collaberation Knife of the Year

2014 Best Buy Knife of the Year

2014 Imported Knife of the Year

2014 Manufacturing Quality Award

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

2014 Most Innovative Imported Knife of the Year

2014 Most Innovative American Knife of the Year

2014 American Made Knife of the Year

2014 People's Choice Knife of the Year

2014 Overall Knife of the Year

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You Never Know What Will Show Up At The Farmer’s Market!

Two Saturdays ago, I had the exquisite pleasure of examining some stunning knives at my booth at the Farmer’s Market. A local gentleman brought by some knives for me to review. When he set his bag down, a lion’s head handle was poking out of the bag and distracted my attention from a sharpening customer and immediately grabbed me. I was shocked to see the knives that were pulled from the bag. Below are some of the pictures that I took of the collection. I was shocked even more when the collector informed me that this is only a representative sample of his collection. Very nice. You never know what whill show up at the Farmer’s Market.

2014-07-26 09.31.01

2014-07-26 09.30.04

2014-07-26 09.30.36

2014-07-26 09.30.52

2014-07-26 09.31.10

2014-07-26 09.31.17

2014-07-26 09.31.28

2014-07-26 09.31.35

2014-07-26 09.31.41

2014-07-26 09.31.52

2014-07-26 09.32.00

2014-07-26 09.32.22

2014-07-26 09.33.44

2014-07-26 09.33.49

2014-07-26 09.34.06

2014-07-26 09.34.11

2014-07-26 09.34.22

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Sharpening at the Farmers Market in Waxahachie Again Tomorrow!!

I will be back at the Farmers Market in Waxahachie from 8:00-1:00.  Bring your knives, scissors and other edged tools.  As always $5.00 a knife.  I hope you see you there in the morning!


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The Sins of the Father

The Sins of the Father

Don “Mini-Me” Hinds hard at work perfecting his craft. 1/2 of Ellis County’s Best Knife Sharpening Team.

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