Heat Treatment of Certain Steels


1080 steel HT (www.bladeforums.com)


Any advice on backyard heat Treating of 5160? (www.bladeforums.com)

Heat Treat 5160 (www.blacksmithsforum.com)


L6 Heat Treat? (www.bladeforums.com)


Heat Treating O1 Steel for Dumbies (www.knifenetwork.com)

O-1 (www.cashenblades.com)


Crucible Industries (www.crucibleservice.com)

Cashen Blades (www.cashenblades.com)

Heat Treatment of 52100 (www.iforgeiron.com)

52100 Differential Heat Treatment (www.knifenetwork.c0m)

52100 Information and Composition (www.alphaknifesupply.com)

No BS 52100 Heat Treat (www.bladeforums.com)

52100 Heat Treat Summary (www.bladeforums.com)

52100 Heat Treat (www.bladeforums.com)

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