W & S Butcher Bowie

W & S Butcher Bowie for Gravely Wreaks, New York

W & S Bowie

W & S Bowie

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I was asked to find any information and a possible value on the above pictures Antique Bowie.   The Bowie is marked:  W & S Butcher for Gravely Wreaks New York.  Below was my response.  I think the knife is worth about $1000 – 1200 and was made between 1836-1838.   I encourage any responses from my viewers as to their opinions and any information they can provide.  Thanks.
W & S. Butcher:  This was a Sheffield, England Company in existence from 1819-1859.  It specialized in edged tools of all kinds and was a large exporter of bowie knives to America during this time.  I think the best information I could find on this company was the following link:
Gravely and Wreaks:  This New York company was only in existence for 3 years from 1836-1838.  They were an importer and dealer of table and fine cutlery.  They imported bowies from Sheffield England from many different cutleries.   I think the best information I could find on this company was the following link:
The Bowie I found for sale that appears to be similar is as follows:
He is asking 750 GBP or about $1260.  I don’t know if he is accurate on the value or not.  I saw some reference to there being a lot of fakes because these types of bowies can be very valuable.  They are all over the board on value.  I found one that sold for $25,740 at Bonhams.   I saw some sold in the $300 range and below but I wouldn’t do it until  I get a better idea of what it is worth.  Yours may end up in that price range, but you could be giving something really valuable away as well.  I believe yours is probably not a fake because it is very close to the one on Micks Guns. Everything seems to appear to be valid.  If it were mine, I would contact Dr. Jim Batson,  http://www.antiquebowies.com/ or http://www.americanbladesmith.com/index.php?section=users&subsection=user_detail&user_id=179, and get his opinion.  He is the man on antique bowies.
I hope this helps.  I will post this info on my website and see if anyone responds.  You might also post it in bladeforums.com.  Below are some of the links I used to research the knife.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  Good Luck.
Vance Hinds

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