Rudolfo – The Pig Sticker


When asked by a local high school senior for a custom knife he can use to kill hogs, I thought I would look to Randall Made Knives for inspiration.  I chose the Model 14 Attack on which to loosely base my hog killer.  I went with 5160 as my choice for blade steel, triple quenched and triple tempered.  It is outfitted with a brass guard and brass pommel.  The handle is stabilized red dyed maple burl with leather and black vulcanized paper spacers.     The sheath is custom fitted, hand stitched and died chocolate brown.  The overall knife is 12.75 inches long.  The blade is 7.5 inches and the handle is 5.25 inches long.  The knife feels great in the hand.  This is one beautiful knife.

$350.00 for a similar knife to be made.

Rudolfo - The Pig Sticker

Rudolfo – The Pig Sticker

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Rudolfo - The Pig Sticker

Rudolfo – The Pig Sticker


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