High Life Solingen Dagger

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Information on the identification of this knife is totally the result of the knowledge and research skills of John McCain.  I posted pictures of this knife on iknifecollector.com and Mr. McCain took the ball and ran.  Below is his response on iknifecollector.com:

“Here is what I know so far-
A) -Based on your Bakelite sniff test, the brightly colored handle material is called Catalin (an early rival of Bakelite).They later became one company-Sometimes, both are referred to as Bakelite, but true Bakelite only came in brown and black- Anyhow, Catalin was invented in 1927 and was not used after WWII as other, newer celluloid-like materials were invented-These knives were not made during the war, so that would date your knife to 1927- 1945. Most likely, in the earlier range of that time frame-
B) The knife was made in Solingen, Germany for export to Brazil.
C)Your knife and sheath are definitetly a typical North Brazilian style called a Faca de Ponta or (pointed knife) in English-This was confirmed by Cesar Schavone , my IKC friend-These knives were typically carried by the wealthy as a sign of prestige, although the banditos  also liked these long knives-
D) The maker is still unknown, although I have found other photos with the same woman’s profile image surrounded by a laurel wreath – They could not identify the maker, either- The ” High Life” name was apparently used by several knife companies and knife importers and does not refer to a specific company- I have never seen the “H.D.A.” on another knife and is probably the monogram of the recipient of the knife, particularly if he was some one of importance-
E) Your knife is in excellent shape for it’s age- I found one other example with a similar handle material- In this case, green handles with yellow scroll lines- It recently sold for $325  and it was in MUCH rougher shape ( both the knife and sheath) if that helps you on value-
D) The lady’s image is probably a royal princess or queen-Some suggested  Princess Elizabeth  or possibly Queen Wilhemina of Denmark who had some connections to German nobility at times
Here is an image of  the other knife with the green  and yellow handles for comparison purposes



Here is the link to the pictures and the response:


I bow down to the greatness that is John McCain.

8 Responses to High Life Solingen Dagger

  1. nifefiteseattle says:

    Thank you so much for this info! I found an exact copy of the above green dagger in my parents basement when I was young and it became the center of my life long knife collection. I had always been curious about it. My father was n Brazil in the peace corps n the 60s where he me my mother who is Brazilian. So your info really makes science to how it ended. Up in a basement in Washington state.

  2. Charlie Johnson says:

    He guys, thanks for the information. I just found a similar Solingen “High Life” on Ebay, paid very little for it, ($55.00 US) the leather case is identical, the handle is brown (Light and Dark) the blade has some nice decoration as well. I have a couple of Lauftwaffe Type 2 daggers I picked up when stationed in Germany in the mid 70’s. I certainly was surprised at the current prices, I might have paid $20-25 for them but not much more as I was a young Sergeant at the time and had to work two extra part time jobs to make ends meet for my family.


    I have a knife and would like information on thank you WILLIAM RIDDLE

  4. Alex Clamon says:

    Interested to discuss this knife. I have more history, and one similar.

  5. Cassandra Hocker says:

    I am knife collector and have one VERY VERY similar…i was going to clean it up and realized that there was good metal under the plating( I figured it was just junk…given to me MANY YEARS AGO) however upon relizing that good metal was under the plating(????)(why??) I decide to Google before further ” cleaning” I am now very curious about this knife…any on-site would be really neat!

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