I am an avid knife enthusiast with a compelling desire to learn to make knives.  Follow my journey on this blog and learn the art with me.


9 Responses to About

  1. Hey Vance. Great site. Had no idea you were so into knives, nor that you had become a prosecutor actually. I thought you were doing a private practice. Keep up the good work on the site sir.

  2. Thanks Keith. It is good to hear from you. I still remember you buying stock in the eighth grade. Did you make any money from that stock? Thanks for the praise for the site. I am trying to become a knife maker. It has always been a hobby. Since my health issues, it has become much more. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Duncan says:

    Excellent site. I’ve stumbled across it several times (I try to read about knives when I get a chance.) I just took a minute to look around and you’re definitely providing some great info on here. I’ve thought about having a couple of specific custom knives made. If I ever get around to it, I’ll definitely get in touch!

  4. Jim McGuinn says:

    Hi Vance
    It was nice meeting you today.

    Hope we can get together sometime soon.
    I see where you had made a post about Bob Dozier. I was in Spring Dale two weeks ago and got to take the nickel tour of Bob’s shop. Unfortunately Bob was not there. I was told the have a 3 year waiting list for one of there fine knives.


    • Jim:

      It was a pleasure meeting you today. I was surprised and excited meeting Don Shipman and you at the Waxahachie Farmer’s Market. It is always awesome meeting new knife people. I hope to see you very soon as well. Your jigs and grinders look awesome. Thanks again.

      Vance Hinds

  5. Louis Hopkins says:

    Need to get date on Dallas Arms Collectors show in January changed to the 9th & 10th
    Thanks Vance

    Louis Hopkins

  6. Byron says:

    How is my Hubertus coming?
    (gentle reminder)

  7. Jared says:

    I’m really into knives.

    Started watching “Forged in Fire” on the History Channel and was wandering if there is a school program that I can do to learn a trade like this.

    If there is, I would love some more information about it.

    Really do not want to be living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life.

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