Knifemaking Supplies

Abrasives R Us

Admiral Steel

Aircraft Spruce

AJH Custom Knives & Services

Alabama Damascus Steel & Cutlery

Alaska Fur Exchange

Alaska Scrimshaw

Alligator Market

Alpha Knife Supply

Amazon Supply

Ankrom Exotics

Arizona Ironwood


Blacksmith Supply 


Bubba Knives and Stabilized Wood

Buckeye Engraving

Burl Source

Carpenter Technologies

Chad Nichols Damascus

Circuit Specialists

Crucible Industries

Culpepper & Co.

Custom Sword Restoration & Repair

Cutlery Specialists


Dan’s Whetstone Company

Daniel Gray

Devin Thomas Damascus

D.G. Gray & Sons

Diamondback Ironworks

DMT Diamond Sharpeners


Eggerling Mosaic Damascus

Ernie Grospitch

Exotic Handcraft

Fine Turnage

Flat Ground

Folding Knife Supplies

Gallery Hardwoods

Gator Venom

Griffin Exotic Wood


Grizzly Industrial

Gunner Products

Hawkins Knife Making Supplies

Herbst Knife-making School

High Temperature Tools & Refractory

IMG International Marking Group


Infinity Stamps

Interstate Plastics

Jantz Supply

Jephco Knifemaker’s Hardware

Just Custom

Kelley, Gary

Klecker Knives & Tools

Knife and Gun Finishing

Kramer Industries

Lehigh Valley Abrasives

LPS Labs

Martin, Gene

Marvel Mystery Oil

Mead Metals

Metals Depot

Micro Fasteners

Miles of Alaska

Mossington Knife Supply

Motion Industries

MSC Industrial Supply

New Jersey Steel Baron

Niagara Specialty Metals

NorthCoast Knives

North Sea Fossils

Old School Knife Works

Ozark Knife Makers

Painted Pony Designs

Phoenix Abrasives

Pop’s Knives & Supplies

Powder by the Pound

Precision Marshall

Premium Knife Supply

Professional Plastics

Reactive Metals Studio

Rex Supply

Riverside Machine

Rosey’s Powder Coating

SB Specialty Metals


Sentry Solutions

Sinbad Glue

Slice of Stainless

Steel Stamps Incorporated


Takefu Specialty Steel Company

Tandy Leather Factory

Texas Knifemaker’s Supply

The Lanyard Zone

TMS Titanium Metal Supply

Travers Tool Co.

Tru Grit

Turnage, Charles


Up Armored Knives and Coatings

USA Knife Making Supply

VXB Ball Bearings

Wholesale Tool

Wickett & Craig

Wolf Borger

Wood Dynamics SBI

Wood Lab

Wood Stabilizing Specialists


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