Knife Steel

Admiral Steel

Alabama Damascus Steel & Cutlery

Alpha Knife Supply

Carpenter Technologies

Chad Nichols Damascus

Crucible Industries


Lisch, David

Devin Thomas Damascus

Eggerling Mosaic Damascus

Flat Ground

Ford Tool Steels

Hawkins Knife Making Supplies

HHH Custom Knives

Hudson Tool Steel

Jantz Supply

Knife and Gun Finishing

Mead Metals

Metals Depot

Mossington Knife Supply

New Jersey Steel Baron

Niagara Specialty Metals

Pop’s Knives & Supplies

Precision Marshall

Reactive Metals Studio

Sandvik Materials Technology

SB Specialty Metals

Slice of Stainless

Takefu Specialty Steel Company

Texas Knifemaker’s Supply

Tighe, Brian


USA Knife Making Supply

VXB Ball Bearings

Zoe Crist Damascus

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