New G10 Handle for a Henckel’s Carving Knife.



The above Henckel carving knife has seen many trips to the dishwasher.  I was asked to replace the handle with an updated material.  The handle material is G10 reinforced fiberglass.  It makes excellent handle material.  The old wood handle needs to be replaced.




Once removed, the fun begins.  



Two observations at this point.  The countersink holes I drilled in the G10 for the rivot heads were too big.  The rivot head did not fit flush and tight in the countersink hole.  Second observation, G10 makes an unbelievable fine dusty mess when shaped with a grinder.  Mask and goggles are a must for this operation.  G10 is easy to drill and shape but makes for a nasty work space.



The knife handle looks good and is ready for many more trips to the dishwasher.



I am a prosecutor at the Ellis County and District Attorney's Office and a knife enthusiast. Currently I sharpen, repair, and make custom knives. I also make sheaths for knives. My fascination with knives has lasted a lifetime.
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