In Search of the Wire Edge!


When learning to sharpen a knife on stones growing up, Pop always told me to thin the edge.  For years I had no idea what he meant.  I just knew that some knives would get sharp and some wouldn’t.  There was no rhyme or reason.  After sharpening many, many knives, I finally had my Eureka moment.  I found my wire edge.  Once you learn to get a wire edge on a knife, you can make it razor sharp, every time.  Pop was right, again.  As that edge thins, the very tip begins to roll and fold over.  The edge becomes rough.  You can see the wire edge fold to one side, and then to the other as you pass it over the stone, belt or steel.  Do this on a rougher surface until the wire edge forms.  You can run your finger up the side of the knife blade and feel the wire edge rolled over.  The rest of the sharpening process is simply knocking the wire edge off and honing the edge.    A medium grit stone or buffing wheel can knock off the wire edge.  Once gone, use a fine stone for final hone.  The last couple of strokes is just the weight of the blade on the finest stone or knife steel.  Hair popping sharp.  Just as Pop said, all you have to do is thin the edge.   Miss you Pop!



I am an Assistant County and District Attorney at the Ellis County District Attorney's Office. On November 20, 2017, Comedian Bert Kreischer inspired me to start a weight loss journey. I started this journey at 475 pounds. Through Bert's support, Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer and Fitness Legend, Diamond Dallas Page reached out to me and changed my life. DDP Yoga and Nutrition under Dallas' guidance keeps the weight falling off of me and increases the quality of my daily life, every day. I started this podcast and blog to personally track my journey but to also interview other extra usual individuals. Those that inspire, teach, help, create, invent, discover, or are simply interesting. A lawyer for 24 years, I see negativity and conflict daily. I want to be part of something positive and inspiring. This is my outlet, my journey, my mid-life crisis, my future. If you know someone inspiring to you, let me know. I will interview this person, maybe he or she will inspire us all. Thanks. Vance
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